More ‘Bethany Young’ Theories – ‘Pretty Little Liars’


I’m officially creeped out by this Bethany Young person.

Who was Bethany Young? How disturbed was she? Obviously, she hated Mrs. DiLaurentis, or at least thought she was the Devil, pure evil, but what about these monsters she drew? In my opinion, based on the top right photo, it seems like the monster is probably bullying Mrs. DiLaurentis, or at least, “behind” a lot of the things she’s done. This seems to make sense based on the email she was supposed to send to an unknown person that said ‘I can’t protect you anymore.’ right before she died. The question is, who does this monster represent? How does Bethany Young fit into all of this? Where did she come from? The bottom right photo is intriguing as well. Some fans think this is pointing to the fact that either Toby or Jason had a twin sister, since in the photo there is a monster taking a boy away from a girl, and he doesn’t look willing to go, and the girl looks kind of sad, which could represent two kids who were close, best friends/twins maybe? Based on this theory, if Jason had the twin, then that would explain why he seemed to really dislike Ali because she could be the reason why his twin is in the mental hospital, Radley, or, if Toby was the one who had the twin, then he obviously never knew about her, and ‘she’ would be the link to his mothers death at Radley. If the boy and girl twin theory is correct, for either character, and Mrs. DiLaurentis had some involvement with that, and possibly Ali, I can see how this ‘Bethany Young’ person would be upset. But then this leads to another question. Why were they separated? What does Spencer’s sister and father have to do with this? Another theory is that Bethany Young was Spencer’s dad and Mrs. DiLaurentis’ daughter, but then this would coincide with the Jason being the one to have a twin since he is Spencer’s and her sister Melissa’s half brother from the affair between Mrs. D and Spencer’s dad way back when. (My mind just froze. Too many twists and connections!) I have no idea what to think of the bottom left picture. It looks like a girl, or maybe a young woman, falling. Maybe this is imagery representing a ‘downward spiral’? Also, there’s this question. Why did all of this happen? We’ll, just have to wait and watch next week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday on ABC Family for more clues. (I’m so glad it’s Saturday.)

HERE is a link to a post on tumblr that I found interesting about two theories concerning Bethany Young.

*****UPDATE: 07/22/2015*****

This is a long overdue update!

Now we know that Charles DiLaurentis, aka Charles/Charlie, is “A”. We still haven’t gotten much information about Bethany Young, however, do know now that she shared a room with Lesli Stone at Radley. We still know what her possible connection is to Charles or Mrs. DiLaurentis. If anyone has anything they want to input, comment below! This is actually my most popular page, which I’m shocked by.

Sorry I don’t have much to say right now. I’m sure another update will come once we find out more about Bethany, or if I find any interesting theories about her.



  1. Trebuchette · August 6, 2014

    bottom left is marion cavenaugh falling to her death, or so that’s the consensus


    • adria259 · July 22, 2015

      You are correct! I’m guessing I didn’t know that when I originally made this post. Or maybe I just didn’t connect the dots.


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