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'The Giver' Movie Poster


Interview: Veronica Roth talks her ‘INSURGENT’ set visit and more!

Divergent Faction

Veronica Roth talked with Pop Sugar about her visit to the Insurgent set, Divergent and more.

Read an excerpt from the interview:

PS: As you mentioned, they’re shooting Insurgent and they’re going to make Allegiant into two different movies, so you know you’re going to be in the Divergent world for a few more years to come. How does that make you feel?

VR: I think it’s definitely just exciting. And it’s kind of wonderful because my work is kind of done. I get to watch them play around in the world that I created. I kind of get to relax a little bit from the creative part of it and work on whatever I want while nobody’s watching for a while. So maybe by the time the last movie comes out I’ll probably be like, “OK. It’s time to get going on something else.” But right now it’s just…

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Photos: Rosa Salazar(Lynn) and Suki Waterhouse(Marlene) on set of ‘INSURGENT’!

Divergent Faction

The sequel to Divergent, Insurgent is currently filming in Atlanta, GA. Our Lynn, Rosa Salazar and Marlene, Suki Waterhouse have been spotted on set of Insurgent.

In the photos you can see that Lynn’s hair is cut on the sides instead of her being bald.

Check out the photos below:




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